Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY Wednesday {Anniversary Edition}

The long & the short of it is this: we needed more lighting.  During the day our house is great, the two large windows at either side of the room let in so much natural light that I don't ever have to switch on a lamp or overhead lighting.  But at night, it's a different story--we can't seem to get enough light, even when we turn on all available lights & lamps.  

We celebrated our anniversary a week ago & I expressed to Ben in that time how much I wanted a good overhead light source that would create ambient lighting in the room & also be cohesive with the decor we have going on.  Being the sweet & resourceful husband that he is, he convinced me that we could make it ourselves!

We did our homework, bought the supplies & went to town.  I already had an idea in my head of what I wanted & good thing we decided we could make it ourselves because I really haven't seen anything quite like what my little brain was imaging on the market.  I have seen some similar things, but they are uber expensive...and well, you know how we roll when it comes to house stuff.  

And here you have it: the final result & the BEST anniversary gift EVER!

i spy a little bob head :)

Just an aside, our overhead lamp actually plugs into a wall outlet..thus you can see we have rope, braided with electrical cord that drapes down the ceiling & wall & plugs right into the wall.  Logistically, it was something we had to do, but I actually think we improved upon our plan by making it corded---I LOVE the draping rope!

And that's what we made ourselves for our anniversary!

Nothing better than a little blood, sweat & tears to say I love you.  (ok, there was no blood involved...nor tears.  but sweat, yes.)


Anonymous said...

You guys are just so that still a good word to use...gettin old & out of touch. Still miss you much! Blessings, P Don

Rhonda said...

I love this! You have an eye for doing the design on a dime projects and making them look expensive!! So proud of my kids..