Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DIY Wednesday {Bathroom Re-do}

Hello hello.  DIY {Do It Yourself} Wednesday has been on a little hiatus, but I am excited to be back with a fun little post on how we re-did our challenging little bathroom.

A note or two before I start with the pictures...

Ben & I do not own this house, so we were pretty limited in the types of "improvements" we could make.

This bathroom functions not only as our master bath, but also as the upstairs guest bath.

Ok, so you can see from these two little notes that we definitely had our challenges with this bathroom.  One look at this first picture & you will see that we were definitely working with a very small space that needed to have the functionality to work not only as a master bath, but also as a guest bath when we have visitors.  And being that the house is not our own, we were pretty limited in what we could do to it.

So with that out of the way, now onto the fun!  Unfortunately my "before" pictures got deleted somehow, but just imagine the bathroom being shelf-less & all our toiletries scattered about the little sink area.  It was bathroom mayhem.

Our obvious necessity was some sort of shelving.  We didn't want to go with the typical over the toilet shelf system...we were hoping to find something unique that brought some sleek wooden accents to the room.  We also needed shelving that would "hide" our things.  I looove the way magazines make open shelving look in a bathroom, but let's be real...whose toiletries really look that chic & tidy?  

In only one day of looking we were thankfully able to score some really sweet wooden boxes from {my favorite}  Hobby Lobby!  {60% off at that!}  They were exactly what we were looking for!  
Modern, with a rustic edge & with closing cabinetry for hiding all our things! We decided to buy four & make a little shelving system of our own out of them.

A closer look...These did not have any sort of wall mounts on the back so we ended up screwing them into the wall with our drill, one screw in each corner to ensure that they would hold ample weight.

A peek inside {note, this is my "neat" looking cabinet, the other is a cluttery mess}


 We then found some great bamboo accessories {courtesy of CB2} including: soap pump, toothbrush holder, trash bin & floor mat.  Yes the floor mat is wooden & I love it.

Shower curtain: Target; Picture: Yellow Heart Art
See the awesome bath mat?? Now if only we could paint & re-tile...then it would really be spectacular. :)

Most importantly though, it is now FULLY functional, de-cluttered & spacious enough for both us & our guests to use.  YAY!


Reccewife said...

I love those boxes! Looks great!

Allison said...

I LOVE those boxes from Hobby Lobby-they're great!!! Perfect for your bathroom!