Monday, July 11, 2011

happy weekend (to me)!

 I know it's Monday, but today I am taking the day off!  Well, except for the morning dentist appointment I had, but I actually enjoy the dentist so it's kind of like an event to me :)

Yesterday was my final craft show of the spring/summer season & since I worked my tail off all week & weekend is my holiday.

Strawberry Swing was a first year craft show in the Kansas City area that I was SO thrilled to be a part of!  And for a first year show, I really do think it was quite the hit!  

The fair took place in the Alexander Major's barn, a really cool historic site right in the city!

love the bunting flag sign

my booth was in the barn which means thankfully, I had plenty of A/C!

the set up. It changed only slightly this time...with purses hanging from rope rather than from my screen door.

with Ben unable to come with me, I needed a light weight solution for hanging my bags...I think it turned out very cute!

Ok, so the best part of the fair was having one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world & her family SURPRISE me at the fair!  I haven't seen them in 6 months & they just moved to the area (yaaay!!!) I was so thrilled to have them there & to have them keep me company for awhile.  This is she, with me & along with her she brought her fantastic husband (also a great friend, who brought me coffee!) and her sweet son & mother!  

Definitely the highlight of my day!

The show was definitely worth it & was a nice successful ending to my first summer season of craft shows.  I have a few months to re-cooperate before the fall/winter ones begin!  One new thing for me at this show was my ability to take credit card payments!  It definitely helped bring in at least 1/3 of my sales...totally worth it.  

I used Square, which can be hooked up to an iPhone, Android or iPad & transacted payments with one easy swipe!

Loved it!  

That's all for now...I was planning to list some new wristlets today, but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Happy Monday!


Heather said...

I LOVED having you there! You are so sweet and I am so happy to have met you. Of course, your products are adorable and your presentation was delightful!
Hope we have an opportunity to work with you again :)

katygirl said...

that is literally like the cutest little barn shop ever. i wish i could have gone!