Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DIY Wednesday {Hardware}

Ok, so I'm not talking about lumber today, but I am talking about furniture hardware.  That, I know a little bit more about!  Changing out hardware on an outdated furniture piece can be a really easy & affordable fix for furniture that just doesn't quite fit your motif.

We have family heirloom sort of piece in our house right now that will eventually need to be stripped & repainted, but for the mean time (aka...I have no time to do that right now) a little hardware switcheroo should do the trick!  

Here's what used to be on the piece:  
 Nice, but not our thing.

And here's what we replaced it with: 

Found these bad boys at Hobby Lobby, 50% off {of course!}--I love the rope & wire weaving & it goes perfectly with the rest of our decor!

Just making this small adjustment to the piece, really helped tie it in to the rest of our decor, or at least nudged it in that direction!  
Next step is to decorate the top of it & the wall above it with objects & art that will bring it into cohesion even more with our home! 

Moral of the story...don't like your furniture?  Before you toss it and pay bookoos of money to replace it, change the knobs!  You may find that the perfect furniture piece was sitting right under your nose...

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Rhonda said...

Nice Knobs in Nob Noster! Great Idea!