Friday, September 9, 2011

adventures of the bobster

Hi everybody!  Bob here.  Mom let me take over for her while she's away.  She said I could write about anything I wanted to, so I thought I would tell you about a great adventure I had this week.

One night, mom surprised me & talked me into taking a ride.  Sometimes I get a little nervous riding in that big 
thing on wheels, but once we get moving and she lets me put my head outside, oh man that's fun.

Mom, she's great.  I thought getting to stick my head out the window was good, but it just got better and better.  Once she let me out of the car, she led me into this big gated area with some big blue swirls in the air and a floor covered with this wet stuff.  The best part though was that I saw SO many of my people there.  You know, dogs.  It was like, all the people brought their dogs to the same place at the same time and we got to do WHATEVER we wanted.   

Mom of course, tried to get me to go into that wet stuff, but that was pretty silly of her.  She knows I'm made for snow.

Mom also says I'm quite the ladies man.

Once my mom stopped trying to throw me into the wet stuff (I put up a good fight), I got to prance run around the big area, sniffing other dogs, marking my areas, picking on the little guys, making friends, oh and occasionally giving my mom a kiss. 

It was awesome.

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