Monday, September 26, 2011

Chicago Trip :: Day 1

Visiting Chicago to see my friend Anna was one of the best uses of a four day weekend I've ever had!

Loved the city, loved spending time with Anna & loved getting to see things that she loved about the city.

Like a pro, I took the train from the airport to meet her at her office. I may have memorized the route before getting off the plane so I wouldn't look TOO out of place ;)

Subway train...a completely new experience for me. Fun, confusing & forget personal space.

Enjoyed snapping a few shots of some murals that I would pass by on my tour of the city.

Anna knows there is at least one thing that can always easily please me: Good coffee.

Metropolis Roasters & Coffee good! I bought a pound so I am still enjoying their coffee at home :)

Lake Michigan

This seagull just kept posing for me...

Another fantastic coffee shop. Yes, we went to two in one day. It was great.

You know it must be good coffee when the barista apologizes for his asymmetrical rosette. Yeesh.

The Bean.

Me & the Bean. I spy an Anna in the background.

And finally, we ended the day with Lyric Opera in the park. Opera makes me fall asleep, but the park was great & the concert was free. And they are super talented, but I just can't help it...It makes me want to curl up and sleep.


Susan said...

Great shots. I've always wanted to visit there.

Hope your day is blessed♥

Seeing Each Day said...

Thanks for showing these photos - I know very little about this place so this little insight was interesting.

nics cahill said...

These are fantastic photos, a lovely photo journal of your day. I especially like the composition and colours of the shot of the red tower on Lake Michigan. Happy Tuesday, Nics

Elena said...

Love the lake picture. Love your perspective and composition. It draws me in!

Holly said...

well hey there little photographer

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Glad to see you enjoyed Chicago. I live about 45 minutes away in Indiana and love visiting the "big city." :)

Ms. Megan said...

What a wonderful day!!