Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Wreath Tutorial :: DIY

Yay! Computer is back up & running, thus images can be uploaded & edited & posts can be made as to how to make this lovely fall wreath :)

With that said, let's do this thing!


(all of which can be found super cheap at Walmart)
Wreath Form (14")
Felt in 2 colors, 1/2 yard of primary color & 1/4 yard of secondary
1.5 yards Jute ribbon
Hot glue gun

For welcome pendant:
Jute string
Colorful cotton fabric
Small Clothesline Clips

//Step One//
Cut felt into long strips & wrap it around wreath form, covering completely. Glue felt down at the end of each strip.

//Step Two//

Wrap Jute around wreath to create the piece you will hang it with. I hot glued the jute to itself once wrapped around the wreath. Also, I used the full 1.5 yards because I hung wreath from the jute ribbon all the way over the other words, the about 8" of the jute is seen on the inside of my door, it then wraps over the door frame, and the rest of the jute and the wreath hangs on the outside of my door. Make sense? I hope so!

//Here's another angle to look at//

//Step Three//

Cut a TON of little felt petals...I think I cut at least 200. This does not have to be an exact science, in my opinion, having slightly differing shapes of petals, with somewhat of a circular form, makes for a more structurally appealing wreath :)

//Step Four//

Pinch each petal in a fashion that you desire. I chose to fold each of mine...kind of like a taco. Pinch them however you choose, just try to be consistent! While pinching your felt, dab some hot glue onto the wreath form & arrange the petal on it. The first one may not hold its form, but as you press petal against petal, you will start to see a nice little pattern!

//Step Five//

Change it up! I used an accent color for about 1/5th of the wreath to bring a little something interesting to the wreath. Again, follow the same pattern of folding & gluing, just change up the color! Go the extra mile & fill in the inner & outer surface areas of the wreath with petals too! It really makes for a much fuller looking wreath. You can see the picture above that I still need to go back & do petals for the interior.

//Step Six//

Glue Jute string to the back of the wreath, from one end to the other. This will hold your "welcome" pendant.

//Step Seven//

Cut out an 8.5"x11" piece of fabric in the color of your choice.
Create a document with the word "welcome" in it...or whatever word you choose!
I used the font "Courier New" and put a space in between each letter of the word w e l c o m e.
Print document onto fabric on a normal grey scale setting---easy!

//Step Eight//

Cut out your little fabric pendant & clip to jute with mini clothesline pins.

Finally, take a step back & enjoy your handiwork!!

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Very cool! Your tutorial make it looks so do-able :)

Sarah B. said...

I've been wanting to make a wreath for the longest time! I love how yours turned out - thanks for sharing this tutorial :D

Amy said...

Wow, it must've taken forever to cut all those petals! I love the effect, the two colors, and the "welcome" in the middle...awesome job. :) I'd be so excited if you'd link this up to my Fall Craft Challenge here:

joolee said...

huh?? you can stick a piece of fabric in your PRINTER?? never tried it, but now i will. :) great tutorial!

Amy said...

I featured this on the One Artsy Mama facebook page today! Check it out and then stop by the blog for a 'featured' button!!/pages/One-Artsy-Mama/197166243647708

Ashley said...

adorable, clever and easy! thanks for sharing!