Wednesday, September 7, 2011

holly came! {friends are good for the soul}

This is my sweet friend, Holly. 

Last week, Holly flew all the way to Nowheresville to come see the Bobster, Ben & me! 
 Talk about love.   
We fellow-shipped, laughed, prayed, walked, talked, laughed, encouraged each other & just lived life for a week together.  It was such a great reminder to me of how precious friendships are.   

Holly did a huge friendly favor for me & allowed me to use her luscious locks for headband modeling.  I have always told her how I wished she could come be my hair model *what a dream come true*.  And it's nice to see someone else's profile on my shop page every now & again, don't you agree?  Yes, yes indeed.

credit: Holly

Holly & I made some yummy food together, but we also treated ourselves to a few meals out, one of which was a burger joint which actually seems to have been made for me *gasp*.  Everything is handmade, from the ketchup to the pickles & they have lots of yummy burger options, like Margherita Chicken, Avocado & Turkey, Salmon Burgers, the list goes on...They have beef burgers too, which I hear are tasty, but you know how I roll.

credit: Holly
 It wouldn't be a vacation without a trip (or two) to the coffee shop :)

credit: Holly
And we couldn't leave out a trip to what may be one of Holly's new favorite stores: Paper Source!!

Holly is a greeting card crafter extraordinaire, she makes some pretty rad cards. 
 ((See extra-ordinariness here.)) 
Holly + Paper Source= getting locked in with the Paper Source people because we just can't un-glue our eyes in time to get out of there before closing time.

Other Highlights: walks with Bob (your fave, right Holly?), trip to see the Amish, farm fresh eggs, thrifty finds, highway photo shoot,  peaceful time with Jesus, showing off Haiti purses, and oh the list goes on.  

So much fun!  And I guess this is where I would say, now back to the real world, but thankfully, I get to continue on this friendship spree & am going to see one of my best & oldest friends in CHICAGO this weekend!!

weeeee! I love friends.


Jacki said...

Ohh!!! I can't believe it is this weekend. I love y'all, wish I could be there. Travel around with a little picture of me. :)

Beth @ the city said...

Love the headband! What a fun girls' day :) coffee and paper source- ahh. I love a good weekend/day with a girlfriend.