Friday, September 16, 2011

Renegade Handmade::Chicago

It just so happened that I was in Chicago on the same weekend as one of the best handmade craft shows around:: Renegade Handmade.   Anna was such a GREAT hostess & indulged me & my handmade obsession by taking me to see the show in Wicker Park.  Oh my goodness. It was incredible.  And huge.

We spent literally all day walking around, pouring over each unique booth.  It was awesome.  And it's official, I must apply next year.

conduit press -- such a fun find.  one of my favorites, by far.

my camera couldn't handle the span of these tents---the show was stinkin huge! 

the food & beverages were also amazing!  I am soooo not a carni food person  (i know, i'm weird).  i will trade fried pickles and funnel cakes ANY day for a good cup of coffee and pork tacos.
So that's exactly what I did.

is that no an amazing food stand menu?

pork tacos = deliciousness.

anna with her horchata & tacos :)

 after a lunch break we scoured the last half of the booths...this one was also one of my faves.  sadly, i can't remember the name, but look at all of the unique lighting fixtures.  helllooo, woodstump lamp.  i think you are great. 

wooden ties, who'd have thunk it.

a handmade superstar.  i was too shy to introduce myself. i know, i'm so's just how i roll, but i did loove pouring over all of her goodies!

Moral of the story is:  Renegade Handmade is amazing & if you live in Chicago, New York, Austin, San Fran, or London you should totally go.

I am thinking Austin is calling my name...


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please come to Austin!! i live in austin now and i'd love to see you:)