Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We have a LOT of kids in our neighborhood, which on Halloween translates to a TON of trick or treaters.

Three of our neighborhood couple friends & ourselves decided to spend the evening together, enjoying each other's company while passing out the loot.  As the details of our little block party came together, well let's just say we got a little carried away.

Military people move a lot & tend to have a lot of boxes.  What's a better use for old boxes than to make a little Halloween maze?   
We were quite the neighborhood hit with the chillins ;) 

 The Flapper & the Mob Boss

Bob even made his first Halloween debut...as our mob pup.  He was not a fan of the mob hat. 

The Flapper, Lois Lane, a Hippie & a Fairy 

Clark Kent, the Mob Boss, Pirate & Luigi

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Sandy a la Mode said...

love your costume!! you are adorbs!! :)