Friday, January 6, 2012

the 20 week bump

Baby Boy C is a growing!  My belly has really started to pooch out more in the past couple of weeks.  AND for the past three weeks I have been feeling the little man kick & squirm.  He is quite the mover & shaker! 

It was fun to have all these changes occur over the Christmas season & to have my family experience some pregnancy milestones with me.

I also had an amazing opportunity to have an ultrasound done by the woman who sonogrammed me in my mom's tummy when I was just a little dot in the womb.  She is a great friend to our family & was the one who revealed to us that we are having a boy!

This sonogram was also such a gift, because Ben was not going to be able to be present for it, but through her amazing connections, God's grace & the wonderful world of technology, we were able to Skype him into the ultrasound.  He got to see our little boy as though he were actually in the room!  God's provisions are good :)


Todd and Bonnie Huckabee said...

Wow. . .made me cry. . .just thanking Jesus for the technology that allows military families to be more connected. . .what a special day! Blessings!

Jacki said...

So precious!