Friday, March 16, 2012

The little things...

The day that Ben returned home, about a week and a half ago, we just celebrated the little things in life he had missed. His dog, Bob, milk, peanut butter...things you take for granted when you have them daily accessible. We also had a mini celebration of all the holidays and events he had managed to miss while away (Christmas, his birthday, Thanksgiving, etc...) needless to say, he had some unwrapping of gifts to catch up on when he got back. It's been fun to celebrate life's little normalcies with him again, and to find newness in them once again.

Happy Friday!

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texasmcvays said...

Miss you guys! You two are the only ones we haven't seen this year! Though I heard you saw Caleb and he found you an "E"! Ashley you look so beautiful pregnant! I pray that you are like the fruitful vine bearing many more blessings after this one!Ben I'm glad you are home safe with your sweet Ashley. Big Fat McVay Blessings! Kyle