Monday, March 19, 2012

Nursery Reveal!

Here it is!  After brewing in my head for months, it was so fun to actually make this little project happen & to work on it with my hubby!  I really can't make any of my projects work as well without him because he is much better at the "big picture" than I am, and I am the details behind the big picture, so we make a good team ;)

I couldn't get good lighting on this side of the room for the picture, but it is our changing area (minus the changing pad, for now).   Rather than buying a new dresser/changing table for the room, we opted to store all of little e's clothing in the closet & to make a changing area with an antique table that we already had.  We replaced the legs on the table to make it more sturdy & then, to make up for the lack of storage space that the table provides, we hung wire baskets on the wall nearby with cloth diapers, ointments & such  tucked inside. 

Little e's room also needed to double as a guest bedroom for our family's needs.  To accomodate a large bed & crib into a less than huge room, we decided to make the bed into a daybed & replaced the head & foot board with foot pegs (more on this later--perhaps a DIY Wed?)
This created ample space in the room to have both a guest bed & a crib! YAY! 

We also wanted to create some ambient lighting in the room as an alternative to the big fluorescent bulb that is in the middle of the ceiling & came up with these fun lights to serve as lighting & also decoration over the bed.  I'm working up a tutorial on those as well! 

Like I said, I love the details--this suitcase & vintage baby weigh is purely for fun, totally impractical.  Although, the weigh does work, so I suppose I could track baby's weight every now & again if I'm curious.  :)

Handmade pillows.

Vintage fan to give little e some ambient noise when he sleeps :)

Handmade Crib Skirt--to match the curtains by the changing table. 

If you can't hide the cords, embrace them ;)

And, finally, a close up of my little superhero's wall & crib. 

I love the feeling of a completed project & a successful one at that! 


Candace Dawn said...

It looks great Ashley! Cannot wait to see E enjoy his special room.

Katie said...

What a sweet baby boy nursery! I love the superhero theme and guest space! :)

Ms. Megan said...

It looks fantastic!!! I love it all!!! Those photos hanging above his crib are so cute!!! And I love the comforter on the guest bed!!! Very plush!!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

so cute ashley!!!

Lisa S said...

It is super great! Wow, it belongs in a magazine :) And I'm so lucky I can see it in person :) Congratulations on such great, professional work.

andrea brionne said...

This looks amazing! i absolutely love every piece in this room. The wall hangings are adorable. The way you embraced those light chords is very unique and makes a look as a headboard for the best. Seriously so cute! And i love the tree branch window hanging. You two have talent! :)

andrea brionne

Beck said...

Just stumbled upon your sweet blog & I'm glad I did!! Such a good idea to 'embrace the cords'! Good thinking! X