Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Surprise

Little E & I were in for a big surprise this weekend when my sweet friends threw a beautiful & fun shower for the two of us :)  Ben was even in on the surprise & completely had me fooled until we walked through the door.  So sneaky!

Super cute decor & amazing food, made for such a charming & memorable day 

Party favors & delicious treats

The tree branches in the picture below, were used to write down guesses for what little E's name will be.  
We had guesses from Eli to Eduardo...
Just a couple more months to wait & see :)

I love old baby blocks <3

Many sweet gifts from sweet, sweet friends...

Thanks for a beautiful day!!


Sandy a la Mode said...

awwww the party decorations are soo cute! and you are getting big lady!!! good luck w/ the labor, i'm sure everything will go great! bring your little man down to KC sometime and we can have a play date! :D

christalena said...

What a great surprise! Everything was so adorable and very cool. I had no idea you were pregnant! You can see how well I've been keeping up with people on Twitter and through their blogs. Congrats!