Monday, May 14, 2012

bump update {38 weeks}

Only 12 days left until my due date (but who's counting, right??)

Clearly, I am.

Ben and I have spent the last week trying our best to encourage the little guy to start making his way into the world :)  This little waiting game is teaching me a lot of patience.  I am so excited to meet him that I just want him to come now!  But I am trying to remind myself that God's timing is perfect & He knows just the day & time that our little one needs to arrive.

With that said, it's still fun to try out all the old wive's tale methods of encouraging labor, so we've been busy:

Walking.  Every day.  Bob is in heaven & I am sore.
Eating pineapple.
& eating spicy & asian foods.  No complaints there!

I had my last preggo yoga session on Saturday--I think it's been a HUGE help in keeping me active during pregnancy. 

Oh & Mother's Day was yesterday.  Ben was so good to me all weekend long (not that he ever isn't good to me), but he definitely pampered me with flowers, a delicious homemade meal of fish tacos & roasted asperagus & he even found time to mow the lawn, wash the car & connect our diaper sprayer to the toilet.  What a man. 

I may have to share with you, later this week, some of the recipes from the meal he made me--it was one of the best fish taco recipes I have ever had.  And I have had a lot of fish tacos. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend & a happy Mother's Day!


Jacki said...

Your almost there!! I will send Mas over for the last week, he need lots o exercise!

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