Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gearing up for Cloth Diapering!

One thing I am strangely excited about doing when Little E comes is cloth diapering.  I may have different thoughts on this once the diaperfest actually begins, but for now I am super pumped! 

The way I see it, poop is gross no matter which way you wrap it- or unwrap it- in this case, so why not save a little dough & give some love to the environment while we're at it ;) 

Of course, I know this is not for everyone, and it is time consuming, so I think that if I didn't plan to stay at home with our wee one, I might reconsider this quest.  But here we are, about to embark on this journey and although I can't give you a review of cloth diapering quite yet, I thought I'd give a little overview of our plan for it, as it stands.

There are lots of cloth diapering brands out there & after lots of research on mommy blogs & diaper blogs, we decided to go with BumGenius Pocket Diapers with Snaps!  I have also had a handful of friends who have used these diapers, and with rave reviews, so I felt pretty confident in giving these a shot.  I decided on snaps because, as I hear, they tend to hold up against wear & tear better than velcro, and chose the pocket option because I hear they dry more quickly (if you plan to line dry) than the All-in-Ones. 

After buying lots of butt paste & other diaper ointments, I found out that with cloth diapering, most of the normal rash ointments don't mix well with the fibers on the diapers & cause them not to be as absorbant.  So I have a lot of diaper ointment if anyone wants any...any takers?  I have heard that olive oil or coconut oil work really well as a substitute, so I am eager to try these out on the little guy's bum bum. 

Ben and I both are pretty excited about this handy little tool--the diaper sprayer.  Ours is a BumGenius, but I don't know if any brand is particularly better than the other.  I am hoping it will make the cleaning of the diapers a little less messy :)

And this is my wet bag!  Or at least one of them.  I was very excited to  venture into a new area of sewing with cloth diapers.  Although, I am not brave enough to make my own diapers, the wet bags were a less intimidating option & super fun to work on.  Wet bags store dirty diapers until ready to wash &  can be tossed in with the laundry right along with the diapers! I loved being able to customize my wet bag to work with our system of diapering.  It lays flat against the back of the bathroom door, fairly inconspicuous, & with the strap designed to hang over the door hook.  The exterior is made from one of my new favorite lines, Lotta Echo & the interior is lined with PUL, which is a waterproof material that is standardly used in cloth diapering.  I purchased a few yards from fabric.com and so far have made 2 large wetbags & 2 small wetbags for the diaper bag.  I even used the PUL to line one of the diaper bags I made myself & still have enough left to make a portable changing pad & a few other items!  Yay! 

So this is the loose plan for our system- I'll keep you posted on how this all actually plays out!


jordan said...


This is exciting! We are due in July with our first boy. We are also wanting to use cloth diapers. It's nice to hear from others what they are using.

Many Blessings to you guys!

Jordan Coulter Morchat

Georgia and Jordan said...

Whoop whoop! Way to go with the cloth diapers! I can't wait to send you a ton of questions when we get ready for kiddos....we are already thinking about going with cloth. Hope all is well!!! Did you hear that my hubby was accepted into A&M for their MBA program! He is super excited to become an Aggie!

Julian said...

It's going to mean so much to that little guy when he gets older and sees the work you went to and how much you cared for him before he was born! So awesome. Can't wait! (: xoxo

Holly said...

Good for you! That's such a great choice to use cloth, and I think someday when we have another little one we are going to look into it :)

ourfamilye said...

Michael and I are using cloth when our little guy comes in a few months too. I'm so excited about it (as weird as that sounds). We're going to use a hodge podge of different types. I'm anxious to hear how it all goes for you all.

Piper said...

Ok, so I have been nursery stalking. Trying to make plans for our little one!
Where oh where did you get the wire wall basket? I love them!