Tuesday, June 26, 2012

snapshot {1 month old}

I can't believe a month has already passed since this little guy entered our lives!  Its incredible how much he has grown & changed in this one month alone--and how much the daily routine of mine & Ben's lives have changed as well!  I don't think we've really taken time to stop & think about it much, we've just been in "survival" mode, if you will, learning how to take care of this little munchkin & resting when possible.

Noteworthy things in the first month:

Gained approx 2 lbs-- he is a big boy!
Found & sucked his thumb (once)
Introduced to the pacifier
Lifts & rotates head during tummy time
Slept 5 hours during the night
Smiled at his mommy on his 1 month b-day (heart melting!)
Loves car rides, walks in the stroller, running errands in his sling or Moby & nursing.

Happy 1st month of life, little man!

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Jana said...

Oh, holy cuteness, I love the month photo prop. That chair is awesome! That is the perfect place to watch him grow!!