Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2 months old

And looking SO handsome!  Of course, I am just a wee bit partial :)
We haven't yet had his two month appointment but already, I can tell little man is getting SO long and if my vintage scale is right, he weighs upwards of 12lbs.
I think someone is taking after his daddy!
This month has been so fun; mommy & daddy soak up every little coo, smile and squeal.

A few noteworthy things from the second month:

You are smiling more and more every day & love smiling back at mommy and daddy.
In addition to lots and lots of cooing & "ahgoos" you have started these little exclamatory squeals...so cute!
Bath time is one of your favorites, it always calms you down.
Even more than bath time though, you love to have your hair washed and massaged.  We get the most smiles and even the beginnings of little giggles out of that. 
Mom & dad went on their first date without you this month & you were quite the sport.
At 6 weeks you started sleeping through the night (and mommy is so thankful!) and average about 8-9 hours per night.
You also moved to your big boy crib this month & are loving your superhero room :)

We have been so blessed in these two months & can't imagine life without you.
Love you, little man!

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Grace Lynne Fleming said...

what a precious little man. and I must say the chair is amazing!