Friday, August 24, 2012

3 months old

Sweet little Ephram Fletcher is 3 months old today!
It is amazing how quickly time is passing & how much our handsome little man changes daily.  Weighing in at over 13 lbs & stretching past 25" long, he really is becoming a big boy!

Some things of note from this past month:

You took your first airplane ride (first four, actually) and did so well!  You even earned your wings.
You also took your first trip to Texas & loved it & met lots of new friends & family.  I think it's safe to say you're a Texas boy :) 
You have been examining your fingers quite studiously and they often end up in your mouth.
You have learned to reach for & grab objects; some favorites include your pacifier, monkey rattle & O-ball.
I heard my first true "haha" laugh from you yesterday!  I was playing with your feet (those who know me well, know the irony in this one) and you were overtaken with delight as I blew raspberries on your little feetsies & clapped them to my face.  
In the past week, I've seen the first signs of teething. No teeth yet, but plenty of drool, gnawing at fingers & little red cheeks all point to teething.
Bob has started to catch your attention!  You will only tolerate tummy time when he is around to entertain you.  I think a long lasting friendship is forming already :)
You can support your own head now--every now & again it gets a little wobbly, but for the most part you've got it down!

We love you little E man! 

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Holly said...

Kyndall and I are sitting here ga-gooing over his cuteness and sweetness :)