Tuesday, September 25, 2012

4 months old

Another month has just flown by!  We had E's 4 month appointment today and he weighed 14.2 lbs (35th percentile) & stretched over 26" (83rd percentile).  My tall, skinny boy!  Sounds like someone else I know ;)
Ephram has become SO much more engaging this month and we are definitely starting to see little bits of personality coming out. 
A few things of note from this month:
TEETHING.  Your picture from this month was all too appropriate, because for the past 2 weeks your hands have been almost constantly in your mouth.  You even fall asleep chewing on them at times.  The amber necklace or hippie beads, as Ben calls them, (pictured above) seems to help with some of the symptoms.
Your hand-eye coordination gets better & better every day!  You are even successfully reinserting your pacifier or sophie the giraffe into your mouth. 
Your squeals, laughs and coos are much more frequent and the "mmmms" have entered your vocabulary.  "Mama" may not be too far off!
You are rolling over from tummy to back these days- it's so fun to watch! 
My favorite time of day with you is when I go to get you from your crib in the morning & you grin at me with the sweetest smile and start moving arms & legs in sheer excitement to see me.  I melt.
Your feet are a new found discovery!  Every time I lay you down to play or to change you, your feet are the first thing you grab.  So cute.
Bob is still your wingman during tummy & play mat time.  He hardly leaves your side & you can't get enough of him. 
Bath time has moved from the sink to the tub & it is one of your favorite times of the day.  You kick and splash at the water with such determination & delight.  I think your Dad & I enjoy it almost as much as you do!
Love you, little man!

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