Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Little Fledgling

This is my sweet little owl baby on his first Halloween.  Our squadron put on a little trunk-or-treat & although there will be no candy for E this year (not really sure if I ever want to start that tradition...I know, lamest mom ever), I couldn't pass up a chance to dress my little munckin up :)
What is it with babies & ridiculous costumes that make them all the more scrumptious?!  I don't know, but I love it. 
As I was deciding on what E would be, I wanted something that I could make for him myself, but with a very small degree of difficulty and involvement.  I didn't want to spend very much time or $$ on it. I mean, really, he will probably only wear it this once and basically just for the photo-op & memory.  I found this tutorial from the one and only, Martha Stewart & just eyeballed it (I mean really, who has access to a photocopier to print a template off at 375%), used some things I had on hand and came up with this. 
The little eye goggles were never going to stay around his eyes like the picture showed, so I opted to keep them out of the little guys reach, & atop his knit hat.  The hat, although missing it's owl ears, was perfect to help keep the little guy warm in the chilly weather we've been having.
Here's one more picture of this owl mama and her little fledgling :)  Love him.

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