Friday, November 30, 2012

6 months old!

Sweet little man. Mom is a little behind on this 6 month post.  You will be 6 months & 1 week tomorrow, but mom & dad celebrated your half birthday from our sick beds with a stomach bug, so I am just now getting around to posting!
You turned 6 months old after Thanksgiving & celebrated with Lollie & Pop, who were way more fun than your nautious mom & dad that day. 
You just get more & more handsome by the day & we love every new little thing we learn about you as we watch your personality bloom :) 
Notable things from this month:
You have not one, but two teeth that came through in the last month & you handled it like a champ!  Minor fussing, and chomping down on teething rings, but overall quite a successful first round of teething.  Makes a momma proud :)
You are also sitting up like a pro these days, no more tripoding for you! Now you are getting more and more adventurous and lean forward as far as you can to reach new toys.  I can hardly get you to do tummy or back time any more, sitting is the bees knees in your book. 
You are also "bum scootching" while sitting, inching your way closer & closer to objects of interest.
When I DO put you on your tummy, you immediately roll over.  You like that trick. And apparently don't like tummy time.
However, when it comes to sleeping, you are quite the opposite.  I lay you on your back & you have started to roll over & sleep on your belly.  You know how to keep your momma nervous & on her toes. 
We've caught you studying your hands lately; it's quite cute.
You love your pacifier, car rides & playing with mom & dad & bob.
Your favorite song is "Jesus Loves Me"
I think you have discovered how to throw a temper tantrum.  You are letting mommy know quite certainly when you do NOT like something. 
You are getting more interested in playdates with little friends.
Hands down, you're the sweetest.  And I think we'll keep ya ;)

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