Tuesday, December 25, 2012

7 months old!

Christmas Eve we celebrated 7 months of having little Ephram in our lives :)
Someday I will get around to posting more than twice a month, I know I've dropped the ball lately, but at least I am remembering to do these little monthly updates!  It is something that I hope will be neat to look back on as our little mister continues to grow.
Here are some notable things from your 6th month of life, little man:
You said your first word, "MOM!" hooray!  There are many variations now, including "mama" "mommommom", etc...but you always get your point across- you want your mama!
You are rolling as a means of transportation these days.  Just recently I found you rolling yourself from your playmat to underneath the table. 
You LOVE your daddy & bounce up and down in excitement when he comes home from work each day.
You are still sitting up like a champ and becoming more adventurous each day in how far you stretch out your arms.  It is obvious you are wanting to become more & more mobile, but still figuring out how to get from place to place.
You love playing on the floor with mom & dad, singing songs & playing peekaboo.  On Saturdays you & daddy watch cartoons.
You are laughing more & more & learning to repeat an action if you get a good reaction out of mom & dad.
You also scrunch up your cute little nose these days & mimic mom & dad's facial expressions. 
You like apples, squash, bananas & blueberries, but are also willing to eat your greens.  You went through a major growth spurt this month, in part due to all these fun foods you've been getting!
We also had your first sick doctor's visit this month, for an ear infection.  :(  I think you handled it with much more ease than your momma!
We love making memories with you, sweet boy & cherish each new waking day that we have with you!


Carl Crew said...

What a cutie! Can't wait to spend time with you guys!

Holly said...

So sweet!