Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas at Our House

We spent Christmas at our house this year as a family of 3.5.
Being 35 weeks pregnant on Christmas day doesn't allow for much flexibility in traveling for the holidays. 
 Although we missed getting to celebrate in person with family, we enjoyed many Skype/FaceTime (I love technology) "Christmas sessions" and were able to get in some much needed relaxation at home.  When the jammies don't come off until well after 3pm, you know it's been a good day.

The preggo & the 19 month old Face Timing with family.

Enjoying his new Tee Pee

Someone liked his new fox hat

Mommy & Daddy were pretty pleased with their gifts too :)

Sneaking off with the presents
Story time with a new book before a post-present nap.  Unwrapping gifts is exercise for a 19 month old ;)
Although it's Ephram's second Christmas, he was only 7 months old last year.  We cherished this special season of Advent & Christmas with him and are anxiously awaiting the new little one to come who will be almost a year old when Christmas comes around next year! It's been so much fun to walk in this season as a parent and to experience even just a fraction of the love the God has for us & the great joy He has in lavishing the Gift of His Son on us. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sweet finds...

Found these little gems on my camera card the other day from a little family "self" photo shoot we did back at the end of October!
Yeesh.  I am way behind.
Enjoy :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013


Love this picture of my little lion that we took at our church's trunk or treat a few days ago.  He was on his daddy's shoulders surveying all the children running around in strange looking outfits, with absolutely no idea that he fit right in with them. For all he knew, we had just bundled him up in an Alaskan snow suit. 
Yesterday night, I was only able to get a few phone snapshots, hence the poor lighting/quality. 
The little lion's mommy dressed up as a preggo Dorothy in pants.  It was way too cold for a dress.  At least I was able to borrow my grandmother's red sparkly TOMS to pull the outfit together.  How many 85 year old women do you know that wear TOMS? She's so cool.

A side by side of the lion cub & his tiger Daddy at the same age.  Big cats run in the family:)

Overall, I'd say his first trick-or-treating experience was a hit. He had tons of fun with all his little friends, walked nearly the whole time, and even gave mommy all 3 pieces of his candy, which she then handed over to daddy.  He had no idea what he was missing :)
His idea of a treat was to push his friends in the wagon as we went door to door.  I seriously could not get a clear picture of him because he was so intent on keeping the wagon in constant motion.  That's what happens when you have a lion on the loose. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Apples & Tractors & Cows, Oh My!

We spent a beautiful weekend taking advantage of some of the luxuries that country life and the Midwest has to offer.  We found an apple orchard in a nearby town and spent our Saturday morning picking beautiful little apples and chasing a little man around rows and rows of trees.  Although, Ephram loved picking apples up off the ground that had already fallen off of trees, and throwing them, he really LOVED the tractor.  It must have reminded him of his Pop's :)

Apple testing. 
If only my ugly chipped nail weren't in this picture....sigh.
After a short break for lunch, we visited a children's demonstration farmstead with lots of animals, birds, oh and TRACTORS.  Again, a highlight for the little man.  Although, the cows he got to see here were definitely a bonus!

This is his "moo" face. :)


Our trip ended where it began, with a John Deere tractor.  Oh the joy!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

26 week bump {baby boy #2}

It's hard to believe this baby is almost in his third trimester!
This mama (thankfully) still has her energy and is able to keep up with a toddling 17 month old. 
This little one is still moving around a ton and my belly seems to be getting bigger by the day! 
We have lots of new adventures to look forward to around the time this new little one arrives so I am just praying in advance for the grace to just hang on for the ride :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

 Yesterday, Ephram & I got to spend the afternoon at a nearby pumpkin patch with friends. 
Although, technically it wasn't his first patch, he was probably only about 4-5 months old last year when we went.  This year was able to enjoy it so much more!
He saw lots of animals, smelled mums, braved a hay bail & corn maze, picked out pumpkins and probably his favorite, took a hay ride with a tractor pulling us! 
It was a crisp fall day, perfect pumpkin patch weather!  And my little munchkin with a sizeable head is actually wearing his dad's beanie in this pictures because *mom fail* I haven't gotten him one for this season yet.  Good thing this kid has a big noggin.

Ephram & I, with the help of our friends picked out a great pumpkin this year!
**Preggo update**
I have less than 15 weeks left carrying baby boy #2.  I had full intentions of taking a bump picture around 24 weeks, but that never happened.  Maybe at 26 weeks.  Little mister is growing, and at our ultrasound was measuring in the 85th percentile ((yikes!)).  Here's to hoping he doesn't surpass his big brother's birth weight by too much!  He is a serious mover.  Like, karate kid style.  I may have a big ball of crazy growing in me, but I guess time will tell :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hill Country Fun

E & I recently took a little trip down to the Texas Hill Country.  We traveled with a sweet friend, her three year old, a dog & a turtle.  Amazingly, we all made it through the 13+ hour drive sane & happy.
I finally pulled some of my photos from the trip off of my camera & although this is by no means an exhaustive photo documentary of our trip, here are some of the little things we did over our little vacation.
 Cows were a very important part of our trip!  Ephram learned how to "moo" and enjoyed seeing lots of cows, live & painted.
 An early lesson in 10 Penny
 Sometimes all you need is a box & a stick

Riverwalk with Lollie & Mama

His first train ride

Trade Days with Pop

So thankful for a little extra time in our home state. Texas forever.