Tuesday, January 29, 2013

8 months old!

Sweet baby, slow down!  8 months seems way too old.  You are less and less of a "baby" each day and it is blowing my  mind how fast time seems to fly.  Mom needs some time to catch up! But it's here, and there's nothing I can do to slow it down.  I enjoy this time each month to sit back & think about the ways you've changed & grown over the past month.  It makes life seem to stand still for just a minute, and that helps.
Here are some notable things from your 7th month of life:
You took two roadtrips this month.  One to your favorite state, Texas & one to visit friends a few hours away.  You were SO good and flexible on both trips and handled all the driving like a pro...maybe even better than your mom & dad :)
You also learned a few new words this month, DADA, BA (Bob) and HI :)  You do more & more jibber jabbering, but DADA is by far your favorite word to say now!
Early on this month you learned to pivot yourself around while seated & have yourself turning in all different directions.  You are also getting up onto your hands & knees more, prepping for crawling (yikes!)
Eating solids is getting more exciting & more messy!  You love your happy baby puffs & have gone from eating them to eating bits of bananas, avocado, plum & more. You are becoming more & more independent in your eating and are letting mom feed you less & less.
You love your play dates with your friend John.  You've also learned how to "share" things with mom & dad.  You like to hand us some of your favorite things like your wooden rings & paci.
You stayed in nursery at church for the first time this month- quite the milestone for you & for us!
And finally, your top two front teeth broke through & are making their way out to compliment your sweet, sweet smile :)

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