Wednesday, January 23, 2013

E's 7.5 month pictures

Ephram had his 7.5 month pictures done recently with our favorite local photographer & friend, It's ME, Eloise! Photography
The shoot turned into a family one & was SO fun. The location was a friend's family farm & was also really close to our church.  We got several photos with our church in the background unintentionally, but I love it!  Such a sweet symbol of how we want our family life to be. Centered on Christ. 
Can't believe this little guy is going to be 8 months tomorrow.  It goes so fast.

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Carl Crew said...

He is SOOO cute! We had a great time with you guys and are so thankful it worked out. I asked Neely the other day what we should name our baby and she said, "Baby Ephram" :)