Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life's gifts

I got a new camera for Christmas.  SUCH a suprise.  I knew I would get some Christmas cash & get to start saving for a new fancy camera, but then my sweet husband & son surprised me with a Christmas letter in my stocking, telling me that they would take care of the rest. 
What gents.
So, when it arrived I HAD to rip it open, throw aside the instructions & try it out on my favorite test subject.  I found him hanging out with his dad in the bath tub, a family favorite, and snapped a few shots! 
These were my favorites.  There were of course, many failed attempts {reading the manual might have helped} but that's what learning's all about, right? 
I love the detail this camera picks up...I hope to capture many, many sweet & extraordinarly ordinary moments, such as these.  What a gift.  The camera, yes.  But really, it's these moments. 

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