Tuesday, February 26, 2013

9 months old!

Holy moly!  Your 8th month of life came & went WAY too fast!  I don't know what I'm going to do when May arrives & you turn one. 
Here are some things to remember from your 8th month of life:
You learned to wave!  It's the cutest & sweetest thing and you LOVE to do it.  We took another airplane trip this month & you waved & waved to all the people on the airplane & in the airport.  Such a friendly guy. ;)
We started swim lessons (I actually think this was at 7 months) but you've been enjoying them all month long & love to splash!  You aren't afraid of the pool at all.
You have started to pull up on mom, dad, the ottomans & any other thing you can get your little hands on. 
You also started your own version of crawling. You have this one knee, one leg scooch-thing down to an art and you'll clear a whole room to get to a banana or bob's tail. ;)
You've been trying out some new words this month "up" something that sounds like "come" & "gum".  You also clock your tongue & mimic me when I do it also. 
We are also working on some baby sign language this month and you are getting good at recognizing words like "more", "eat" & "all done".
Your paci is still your best friend, besides mom, dad & bob & we take it anywhere we go.
You have some more top teeth breaking through (maybe two)!
I can't believe you are already 9 months, little man. We love you so dearly.

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Sandy a la Mode said...

awww we haven't taken austin swimming yet! we need to! and he knows the same sign language signs and a few more~!! our little guys need to get together!!

Sandy a la Mode