Friday, March 8, 2013


Things at our house are hum-drum and wonderfully ordinary.  We wake up, eat, drink coffee (well at least mom & dad do), play, nap (although, someone appears to think naps are overrated these days), sew, run errands, get creative with dinner, play, eat & read, bathe & go to bed.
There are other little things mixed into that schedule, of course as well, but all in all this seems to be how many of our days take shape and I love it! 
I managed to snap a few images of bob & ephram playing with bob's duck this morning.  E love his buddy bob :)  I love watching him grow & interact & develop his personality more & more.

Oh & did I mention that little man is on the move?  It's quite exciting and keep this mommy on her toes.
Thankfully, one of his favorite things to do is to crawl to wherever I am so that definitely keeps the question of "where did Ephram go?" down to a minimum.

We've also had lots of snow lately & though it is finally starting to melt off, we have a long way to go.  I think we got about 20" in the span of 5 days!  Brrrrrr....
B even had to walk to work on two different occasions.

Bob didn't seem to mind all the snow though.  I think he discovered his roots this past month :)

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Kyndall Dollar said...

I enjoy reading the updates of your precious family! Love you friend!