Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Baby Gear Must-Haves

Over the past year I have been asked what my favorite baby products are.  When I was pregnant with E, I also went to friends & asked the same question to help get an idea of what I'd need for babycakes.
Of course each baby is different, and each momma is different, but here are some of my favorites (in no particular order) from the first 10 months of life with E. 
1. Jogging Stroller- Not only is it a great motivator to get out & shed some of those pregnancy pounds, but they are so great for family outings :)  We have a Schwinn Turismo & although it's not build for a marathoner, it has been a GREAT jogging stroller & very safe & budget friendly too!
2. Brica Fold N' Go Bassinet-  It may sound weird, but this is what we used for E when he was an infant, sleeping in our room.  We have a TINY room & really did not have the extra room for a bassinet, nor did we want to spend the extra $$ on it, so we went with this very affordable portable one & loved it!  We took it on trips with us, took it over to friend's houses for him to nap in, carted it around the house. I love practical, packable things.  Not to mention, now that it's in storage, it hardly takes up any room at all. Love it.
3. Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs.  Burp Cloth + Bib in one.  Genius.  E could spit up with the best of 'em & these were a life saver...or at least a shirt saver. They are so absorbent & when using as a bib it has SO much coverage. 
4. Zipper Footed PJs.  My husband would call these a necessity.  And since he is in charge of the bedtime routine, I will trust his judgement on this one.  Most babies don't like to be changed & every saved second is gold. Zippers are so much more parent friendly than snaps.
5. Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat.  Well a car seat is a must-have. Period. But we loved our Chicco & safety ratings love it too!  I have found it to be a really good car seat for long babies as well as chubby ones.  Although getting snug, E can still fit into his at 10 months. 
6. Baby Carrier.  I am a huge fan of baby wearing & if you start your babe of early they will be too :)  It makes outings, grocery shopping, travel, even household chores so much easier, especially in the infant stage.  When E was a tiny little guy I used a ring sling & the Baby K'tan Breeze (great for summer babies!) But the Ergo has been our go-to carrier since he has packed on the pounds & it's SO supportive to my back. He was never carried front facing pre-Ergo so he doesn't mind one bit to be carried facing me & apparently it's more ergonomically benefecial for them? So that's a plus. It can also be used as a back pack or hip carrier as, you've got options.
7. Munchkin Inflatable Safety Duck.  A hilariously entertaining addition to bath time.  As soon as E could sit up we introduced this guy & he LOVES it.  We also don't have to worry about him tipping over or slipping in the tub because he has a cushy little duck to topple onto.  It's wonderful and genius.  Pre-duck, we used the PUJ and really enjoyed its portability & compactabilty, not to mention that you can use it in the sink, rather than kneeling over a tub. 
8. Aden + Anais Swaddle blankets.  I never thought I'd spend that much on blankets, but they are so worth it.  Especially for summer babies.  These blankets are huge, making them easy to fold for swaddling (which was a miracle worker in our house) & also make a great light weight blanket or sunshade in the car or stroller. Breathable, soft, cute designs. We love them.
9. SwaddleMe Swaddlers. For when they learn to bust out of the blankets, velcro swaddlers keep the magic going. 
Not pictured but also noteworthy:

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