Thursday, April 25, 2013

11 months old!

Happy 11 months!  That sweet toothy grin of yours melts my heart! :)
Some things we want to remember from your 10th month of life...
You have become a food-eating machine.  I can't keep enough eggs, avocados, bananas & happypuffs in the house!  Those are some of your favorites :)
You have a total of 8 teeth now, four on top & four on the bottom; although I suspect from all the drool that there are more on the way.
You started to point & clap this past month & it's so fun to enjoy these new forms of communication with you.  You mimic clapping & also do it when excited.  You point at things you want or things you want mom to describe to you. 
Pictures of animals, balls & stuffed animals have become some of your new favorites this month.
You took your second swim class & "swam" under water for the first time this month!
You started to give "kisses" this month, & by kisses I mean licks!   When I ask you to give me a kiss you give me a nice big lick--hilarious & super slobbery, but I love it...perhaps, Bob taught you how to give kisses ;)
And something we definitely don't want to forget, you took your first STEPS at 10 months!  Just 3 days shy of your 11 month birthday.  You are gaining ground & taking more & more steps each day.  You will be full out walking before we know it!
Ephram & "Sled", your husky pup
Here are a couple of videos, one of you "giving kisses" & the other of you taking steps!

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