Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekends are the best

I'm mourning the loss of a beautiful weekend today.  Well, really just thinking how wonderful it was.  Ben took Monday off which made it an extra long weekend and that is always something to get excited about.  Beyond that, it was just a very family centered, slow paced, fun weekend, and those are always good for the soul.
Ben & I have both realized how E's joy is magnified when we are all together.  He is for the most part a very happy & joyful baby anyway, but there is something about all of us being together (including Bob) that makes him over the top happy.  It's like he knows & feels that we are complete & whole as a family when we are all together and it just makes him giddy.   His excitement is contageous, so naturally that just makes us one big, happy, giddy family :)
We worked some in the yard this weekend & these pictures are of E watching his daddy work outside.  He loves to point now, so he pointed and squealed as he watched his daddy working.

With dad home yesterday to help with the little one, I also had time to get some sewing done!  Here's one of the finished products from a productive day of sewing; a nursing cover which shipped off yesterday to a customer.

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Ashley Carl said...

Love the nursing cover!!