Wednesday, June 5, 2013

12 months old

Clearly, I am a little bit  behind on this post.  We were so busy enjoying your first birthday & celebrating you that I almost forgot to do my monthly post on your growth!
It has been so wild and also precious, to think over the past year of your life & to think back to the day you made your entry into the world & into our arms.  Your dad & I are so blessed.
Two weeks ago, we celebrated your first birthday with family & friends at our side.  Prior to that, in your 11th month of life, you changed so much & turned from a baby to a toddler right before our eyes!
Some notable things from month 11:
You began full out WALKING.  At 10 months, you had just taken your first steps & this past month we got to watch you take off.  Literally.  You became a walking machine & I think are still quite impressed with your newfound skills.
You've also begun to squat & stand back up in place rather than just tumbling down on your bum when you want to grab something off the floor.
You have started to communicate more & mommy & daddy are learning your language.  "Ma" means "more" and that is one of your most commonly used words, along with "Ca" for "car", "da" for "that" or "the" and your favorite parental word these days is "Dada".  You also say "Dadee" which we think is your version of "doggie"
With your newfound skills, you are much more independent these days & like to get into just about anything you can get your hands on!  You give mom & dad quite the workout!
You shake your head, although I'm not sure that you know that means "no" yet, and I am just fine keeping you in the dark on that one ;)
Balls & your new hammer toy are some of your favorites now & you are getting really good at sorting toys & putting objects into other objects. 
We are so proud of you little man & look forward to the next year of life with you!

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