Thursday, September 12, 2013

15 months old

Mama is posting this kind of late...just another week and a half and you will be 16 months old, but better late than never!  I feel as though you've grown and developed SO much in the past month & it has been so fun and amazing to watch you.
I haven't done a monthly post since your first birthday, but here are some noteworthy things from the past 3 months:
You've started to sign a WHOLE lot more.  You sign words like: baby, popcorn, please, water, milk, and of course, more & all done. You also hold your hands in the air and shrug your shoulders to say, "where'd it go?" and you like to give lots of high fives! 
You are also saying a lot of words these days (and jibber jabbering in between): your favorite words are: Bob, Car & More.  But you also like to say: Hi, Bye, Ball, Kitty, Tractor, Cracker, Mama, Dada, Side (for outside), Nana (banana), Cado (avocado) and today you said Baby for the first time.  You are loving your newfound ability to communicate with us and soak up new words and signs all the time-  We love it too!
You are practically running these days & love to play outside & with friends.  You also LOVE to eat.  And your sweet little belly is proof that mama is feeding you lots & lots!  You love Bananas, Avocados, Smoothies, Popcorn and Strawberries best, but will eat almost anything--except for raw veggies. Mama is sneaky though and hides them in your smoothies.
You give sweet little hugs and kisses and even try to give Bob and your stuffed animals some lovin' on occasion.  Bob isn't a huge fan of the hugs though.  :)
You love to dance & bust a move whenever you hear music playing.  It's pretty darn cute.  You and your mama have been known to have dance parties when no one else is watching :)
You are doing a great job of feeding yourself with a fork and spoon.  Some foods are more successfully brought to your mouth than others but you love the challenge of learning this new skill.
You have NO idea that you are going to be a big brother in 5 months (ha!) what a surprise that will be, but I have a feeling you will be a great big brother and will probably want to be VERY hands on.  Love you little mister :)

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