Wednesday, September 11, 2013

20 week bump {baby boy #2}

Confession. I've been really bad about taking pictures of the bump this time around.  I still love you just the same baby boy, but I must admit, I have a lot more to keep me from getting to photo taking & blog posting this time around. 
But the good news is that the bump really just started to get big enough to be picture worthy anyway, so my lack of documentation up until now really hasn't mattered THAT much. :)
I have felt pretty much exactly the same this pregnancy as the first.  Not sure if it's just because it's me or if it's because it's another boy.  But I'm not complaining because I really did have a blessed & smooth pregnancy last time & would love a repeat!
The main difference this time is that:
1.  My hubby is not deployed miles and miles away. 
2. I have a little 15 month old to chase around.
Two very good improvements upon last time, I think. 
So, now onto little mister in the belly...You are quite the squirmer.  I felt you for the first time around 15-16 weeks. And you get stronger each week!  We had your 20 week ultrasound today and you are still a boy, so that's good!  You also would NOT keep still.  All of our images are a little on the blurry side because someone was wanting to have a boxing match with the sonographer's tool.  Every time she pressed on my belly, you matched her with a punch or kick.  It was really funny to watch/feel :)
I love this picture with your leg propped up in the air--almost right up to your mouth.  You definitely love the acrobatics and maybe a little toe sucking? ;)
 Big brother was not very excited about the fact, he cried nearly the entire time--perhaps a first glimpse for him of what sharing the lime light will look like?
I know he will love you.  And we've taught him to say baby, so although he has no idea what's in store when you arrive, at least he will know what to call you :)

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