Monday, October 28, 2013

Apples & Tractors & Cows, Oh My!

We spent a beautiful weekend taking advantage of some of the luxuries that country life and the Midwest has to offer.  We found an apple orchard in a nearby town and spent our Saturday morning picking beautiful little apples and chasing a little man around rows and rows of trees.  Although, Ephram loved picking apples up off the ground that had already fallen off of trees, and throwing them, he really LOVED the tractor.  It must have reminded him of his Pop's :)

Apple testing. 
If only my ugly chipped nail weren't in this picture....sigh.
After a short break for lunch, we visited a children's demonstration farmstead with lots of animals, birds, oh and TRACTORS.  Again, a highlight for the little man.  Although, the cows he got to see here were definitely a bonus!

This is his "moo" face. :)


Our trip ended where it began, with a John Deere tractor.  Oh the joy!

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