Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hill Country Fun

E & I recently took a little trip down to the Texas Hill Country.  We traveled with a sweet friend, her three year old, a dog & a turtle.  Amazingly, we all made it through the 13+ hour drive sane & happy.
I finally pulled some of my photos from the trip off of my camera & although this is by no means an exhaustive photo documentary of our trip, here are some of the little things we did over our little vacation.
 Cows were a very important part of our trip!  Ephram learned how to "moo" and enjoyed seeing lots of cows, live & painted.
 An early lesson in 10 Penny
 Sometimes all you need is a box & a stick

Riverwalk with Lollie & Mama

His first train ride

Trade Days with Pop

So thankful for a little extra time in our home state. Texas forever.

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