Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

 Yesterday, Ephram & I got to spend the afternoon at a nearby pumpkin patch with friends. 
Although, technically it wasn't his first patch, he was probably only about 4-5 months old last year when we went.  This year was able to enjoy it so much more!
He saw lots of animals, smelled mums, braved a hay bail & corn maze, picked out pumpkins and probably his favorite, took a hay ride with a tractor pulling us! 
It was a crisp fall day, perfect pumpkin patch weather!  And my little munchkin with a sizeable head is actually wearing his dad's beanie in this pictures because *mom fail* I haven't gotten him one for this season yet.  Good thing this kid has a big noggin.

Ephram & I, with the help of our friends picked out a great pumpkin this year!
**Preggo update**
I have less than 15 weeks left carrying baby boy #2.  I had full intentions of taking a bump picture around 24 weeks, but that never happened.  Maybe at 26 weeks.  Little mister is growing, and at our ultrasound was measuring in the 85th percentile ((yikes!)).  Here's to hoping he doesn't surpass his big brother's birth weight by too much!  He is a serious mover.  Like, karate kid style.  I may have a big ball of crazy growing in me, but I guess time will tell :)

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