Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013


Love this picture of my little lion that we took at our church's trunk or treat a few days ago.  He was on his daddy's shoulders surveying all the children running around in strange looking outfits, with absolutely no idea that he fit right in with them. For all he knew, we had just bundled him up in an Alaskan snow suit. 
Yesterday night, I was only able to get a few phone snapshots, hence the poor lighting/quality. 
The little lion's mommy dressed up as a preggo Dorothy in pants.  It was way too cold for a dress.  At least I was able to borrow my grandmother's red sparkly TOMS to pull the outfit together.  How many 85 year old women do you know that wear TOMS? She's so cool.

A side by side of the lion cub & his tiger Daddy at the same age.  Big cats run in the family:)

Overall, I'd say his first trick-or-treating experience was a hit. He had tons of fun with all his little friends, walked nearly the whole time, and even gave mommy all 3 pieces of his candy, which she then handed over to daddy.  He had no idea what he was missing :)
His idea of a treat was to push his friends in the wagon as we went door to door.  I seriously could not get a clear picture of him because he was so intent on keeping the wagon in constant motion.  That's what happens when you have a lion on the loose.