Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas at Our House

We spent Christmas at our house this year as a family of 3.5.
Being 35 weeks pregnant on Christmas day doesn't allow for much flexibility in traveling for the holidays. 
 Although we missed getting to celebrate in person with family, we enjoyed many Skype/FaceTime (I love technology) "Christmas sessions" and were able to get in some much needed relaxation at home.  When the jammies don't come off until well after 3pm, you know it's been a good day.

The preggo & the 19 month old Face Timing with family.

Enjoying his new Tee Pee

Someone liked his new fox hat

Mommy & Daddy were pretty pleased with their gifts too :)

Sneaking off with the presents
Story time with a new book before a post-present nap.  Unwrapping gifts is exercise for a 19 month old ;)
Although it's Ephram's second Christmas, he was only 7 months old last year.  We cherished this special season of Advent & Christmas with him and are anxiously awaiting the new little one to come who will be almost a year old when Christmas comes around next year! It's been so much fun to walk in this season as a parent and to experience even just a fraction of the love the God has for us & the great joy He has in lavishing the Gift of His Son on us. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sweet finds...

Found these little gems on my camera card the other day from a little family "self" photo shoot we did back at the end of October!
Yeesh.  I am way behind.
Enjoy :)