Saturday, March 29, 2014

asher: 2 months + ephram: 22 months


The yellow chair is back!
And just in time for Asher's 2 month picture!
I went ahead and took some pictures of Ephram too at this age & stage, because two {partially} naked babies are better than one, right?
I'm such a mix of emotions over Asher turning 2 months old.  In some ways I can't believe it's already been two months & in other ways, I can't believe it's only been two months!
It's been a crazy, tumultuous, adventurous and {sometimes} tiresome two months, but it has also been a JOY.  You are a JOY, Asher. 
At two months old you are 11 lbs. 9 oz. and in the 74th percentile for length.
You love face time with your mama, daddy & big brother.  Whenever we catch your eye, we are sure to be met with the cutest little dimply grin.
You've also started to coo and make little "goo" noises when you "talk" to us.  You are quite animated and I can't help but melt & think how blessed I am to be your mama each time you look at me with those eyes & that smile. 
You are a pretty easy going little guy and really only fuss when you are ready to eat or have the occasional gas {poor guy!}
You love your paci, much like your older brother & love snuggling with your mama.
You've got quite a bit of neck strength & although you aren't rolling over on a regular basis yet, when you were only 4 days old, you rolled over from your tummy to your back, twice! 
It's only been 2 months, but already we can't imagine life without you little man.

It's hard to believe this {not so} little guy will be 2 in just a couple of months.  My wild-haired, sweet Ephram has been growing SO much and changing overnight in just the past few months. 
 I love this age and watching all of the wheels turn in your mind and each new day brings an assortment of new discoveries.  I can't even count all of the words you can say now.  You pretty much try to copy whatever you hear mommy or daddy saying and you love to associate objects or people with a name. 
You are also putting together multiple words, sometimes up to 4-5 at a time! Communication has really opened up between us in the past few months and it is so exciting to watch you grow and learn. 
You are starting to try to sing.  Your favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus"
You can count to 13, although you often leave out numbers's adorable:)
You LOVE to pray.  It's the sweetest thing.  We have a "call to prayer" from you at least 10 times a day.  You fold your hands, and say "pray?" and wait for mommy or daddy to start praying.  I love how the Lord is molding your heart even at such an early age & it has also challenged mommy & daddy to really talk to the Lord & give thanks more often as we go about our day.
You have endured so much change in the past two months: a new home, a new little brother, temporary lodging, leaving friends and making new ones, two year molars, crazy long car rides and so much more, but have really done so well.  One thing's for certain: you LOVE your little brother.  You ask, "Asher, hold you?" when you want to hold him. 
You are a super active little guy and when you are awake you pretty much go at full speed all the time {unless you are breaking for food.  You love your food}. It's not uncommon to see a flash of Ephram zoom past as you run circles around the room, chase Bob or run after a ball.
Your favorite things to play with are your cars & trucks, balls & your kitchen pots & pans.  You love to make soup for mommy & daddy in your kitchen. On the rare occasion that you do sit down, you are enjoying learning to color with crayons and to identify shapes and colors.
You have a very sweet and joy-filled spirit, Ephram, as well as a very independent will. You seem to really thrive off of spending time with people, whether it be me & daddy or have a big, loving heart toward others and love to engage people.  Life is never dull with you, and though it's crazy to think that you aren't my "baby" anymore, you are stepping up to role of big brother well.  Love you, big guy :)

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