Monday, March 3, 2014

Mark Asher

Being that my little Asher man is already one month old, this post is a little delayed but I am imagining that is what being a mommy of two under two will look like.  And I'm ok with that.
Mark Asher was born on Saturday, January 25th at 5:07pm.  A healthy chunk, at 8 lb 8oz, and a miracle baby, as the nurses called him.  After delivery we discovered a knot in his cord that was never detected during pregnancy.  By God's grace it stayed loose enough throughout my entire pregnancy that it never created any issues for him. Even in the womb, he was already living up to his name, Mark, which means Warrior. 
Many of you known our story behind Ephram's name, and although there was not as much of a "journey" to go along with the name Mark Asher, we pray that it will be a word of truth spoken over his life. 
My dad's name is Mark, and he and my mom also named my brother, Mark.  We not only love the meaning behind the name, and pray that Mark Asher will be a mighty warrior in the Lord, but we also love and respect the Mark for whom he was named and pray he will be a man of integrity and wisdom like his Pop.  My dad & brother also have the middle initial of "A" and my brother goes by his middle name, Austin.  We liked the idea of giving this little one a namesake in my father, but of calling him by his middle name, one that would be unique to him.  Enter Asher. Asher means "happy" and although happy is not the first adjective one would use to describe a warrior, we really loved the idea of speaking that over him.  We want him to be a mighty warrior, but also one filled with happiness and joy! Asher is also a tribe of Israel, which we loved because Ephraim, is a tribe and is Ephram's namesake.  Let's be honest, the names Ephram & Asher just fit.  Like peas and carrots. And if the Lord so chooses to bless me with a household of all boys, at least I can pretend like Asher was named after me ;)
That is the story behind our little Asher man's name.  We are absolutely in love with him and are so thankful for the gift of his life.  His big brother Ephram is also a huge fan and always has to know where "baby asher" is so he can go give him a hug (or on occasion steal his socks and pacifier).
This little man has already lived in two states, traveled cross country, & lived out of suitcases in hotels and friend's houses.  It's been a crazy first month of life, but he has been a champ.  If we are able to find a new home soon & get my big yellow chair back from storage, I hope to start his monthly pictures/write ups soon! 
For now, I'll leave you with this cuteness from his newborn session.  :)

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Amy Shudy said...

Very cool story behind his name! Thanks for sharing. Wow, I didnt know about the knot....praise be to God that He protected this little one the whole time. Hope you guys find a home soon. Miss you already!! Stay in touch!