Monday, June 9, 2014

asher: 4 months

As always, this post is a little late. But as I was thumbing through Ephram's monthly chair pictures, I giggled as I saw his four month old picture.  So similar, yet so different.  Both with their hands in their mouth :)
Asher had his 4 month check up a couple of weeks ago & was well over 14 lbs, in the 50th percentile & in the 75th percentile for length. 
Some notable things from the last month & a half:
You are rolling over BOTH ways.  You are my little roly-poly man.  As soon as I set you on the floor you immediately start rolling, first onto your tummy & then from tummy to back.  I think you are quite pleased with yourself.  You seem to have amazing strength & determination to get where you want to go!
You are one drooly man.  I can't launder burpie bibs quickly enough for all your drool!
You (still) have the sweetest little smile. You love to be held sitting up so you can see what's going on around you and your favorite mode of transportation is mommy's hip, again, so you can see everything as you pass by!
Your favorite toys are your Manhattan toy, Squoosh & Sophie the Giraffe.  You are able to reach out for & hold onto toys & grab them really well now.  I've even caught you grabbing your paci out of your mouth & putting it back in again.
You are still sleeping about 8-9 hours through the night, which mama appreciates, although your wake-up time (4am) is a wee bit early for me.
Your biggest fan is easily your big brother and you handle his overly affectionate ways well.  I often find him trying to "hug" you, which basically involves laying himself out on top of you.  We are working on being more gentle, but even though he gets in your face a lot, you seem to always enjoy having him nearby. 
And though you are definitely a mama's boy right now, it's daddy who can get the most smiles and giggles out of you :)
We love you little man and it is truly a blessing to call you our son.