Thursday, August 21, 2014

asher :: 6 months

This little sweetie turned six months old 3.5 weeks ago! Yes, that means I am almost a month behind on my monthly posting! But this picture was taken close to his 6 month birthday.
Asher turned six months old while we were in Texas visiting family.
He tried his first foods (avocado, banana, sweet potato, oatmeal & apple) and hasn't yet taken to any.  You much prefer mama's milk so we are going pretty slow with foods for the time being, which is fine with me! You're still gaining plenty of weight.  You weigh well over 16 lbs and have the cutest little leg rolls ever!
You are a determined little guy, who loves to roll & sit & you've even started to army crawl, or at least it's your own flavor of the army crawl!  Mama has to keep an especially close eye on you now!
You say "ma-ma" and "ba-ba" now and are incredibly cute and excitable by any interaction with people .
You still aren't quite sleeping through the night...ever so often you will give mama a good pump fake & make me think you're making progress toward sleeping through the night, but we can't seem to make it stick!
Your first two teeth came through this past month & you handled it like a drooly champ!
Love you little mister!!