Tuesday, November 25, 2014

asher: 9 months

Mama is playing a little catch up with these monthly photos! 
Month 9 came and went just as quickly as the changing leaves of fall.

This month you had a couple of exciting firsts...
You took your first trip to Washington, D.C. and handled all of the sightseeing like a champ!
You also started waving...it may have started as an attempt to clap, but you were only managing one hand at a time.  It looked like a wave, so your daddy & I went with it &have been working on your greeting skills this month:) You have always been a friendly little fellow. Mama & daddy can't get enough & I think you're pretty pleased with yourself too.
You love to blow raspberries, have tickle sessions with mama & practice all your "ba's" "ma's" "da's", etc..
You are also enjoying banging objects on other objects or banging your hands on the high chair to tell mama that you want MORE!
You are not too keen on diaper changes or being forced to stop moving for any reason.  That really grinds your grits. You've got places to be.  Things to bang on.

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