Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Carters in the Capitol

Visiting D.C. was a huge thrill for me. I'm not much into politics, but there is something so overwhelming and wonderful about being in a city so saturated in history. I loved every minute of our whirlwind trip.  We only had a few days of sightseeing, but even with two little ones managed to see quite a bit of the city and it's accolades.
We spent our first day in Arlington National Cemetery. It was such a sobering and beautiful reminder of the cost of freedom.

We devoted our last morning to touring as much of the mall as possible.  The previous two days we were able to see a couple of the museums and the National Zoo. 
The White House, Lincoln Memorial, and  World War II Memorial were just a few of the sights we were able to see! I think this was my favorite morning!

Picnicking at the World War II memorial 

These boys were champs. We had a few meltdowns toward the end of our stay, and lots of catching up on rest to do when we got home, but they kept up with their very eager and perhaps overly ambitious parents so, so well!

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