Wednesday, December 24, 2014

asher: 10 months ephram: 30 months

It's hard to believe that I have a 10 month old AND a 2 1/2 year old on my hands now!  Your daddy & I were just talking about how this may have been the fastest year of our lives.  The time has just flown by!
Some highlights from Asher's 10th month:
 You are so mobile & determined these days.  You are slowly taking first little steps here & there but not walking yet. However, you don't let that stop you from getting where you want to go!  With that, chair pictures have become much more challenging, hence the carrot bribery :)
You've started clapping and dancing to music & are learning to communicate with us more and more.
You've mastered your first signs, "more" and "all done" and are quite pleased with yourself when you use them.
You love being around your big brother and want to play with him most all of the time! Your favorite things to do are to pull his hair playfully & steal his paci.  You already love getting a rise out of your older brother.
You are also entering a very curious & mischevious stage. Opening kitchen cabinets and drawers and pulling out all the Tupperware is one of your new found hobbies, along with climbing stairs (oh boy!)
 You are such a BOY! Making grunting noises, little war cries and tackling mommy, daddy & big brother to roughhouse.

 Speaking of big brother...Ephram is 2 1/2 and growing like a weed!
You've gone through a major growth spurt and are wearing 3T clothing now.  You love jumping on furniture, catapulting yourself from one couch or chair to another.
You love eating (still).  Food is definitely a love language for you.
You are speaking SO well and connect quite a few words together these days to make complete little sentences.  You love to call pineapple "pinecones" and horsies are "forsies", escalators are "alligators"...just to name a few of the cute little words you've come up with...
When you aren't feeling inclined to do something that we ask you to do, you say "I can't want to." 
You soak up everything around you like a sponge.  You are an encourager and sweet spirited boy at heart.
I think you are turning into quite the big brother.  You love Asher, but also are adjusting to him being all in your chili.  However, when we give you the option to play by yourself or with him nearby, you always choose him, even though he frustrates you at times.  Brother love, I suppose.
You love cars, tractors, trains, building with blocks, reading and coloring. 
You definitely love to be around other people. Be it friends or family, you love being close to & playing near or with other people. 

This year has been such a full one...but so blessed, largely in part to you two boys! Love you to the moon!