Thursday, July 3, 2014

asher: 5 months old

Little Mark Asher turned 5 months old just over a week ago.  Earlier this week I was finally able to snap some photos of him in the chair and big brother of course, had to join in.  I don't think you minded, though.

This past month you have been all about your feet.
As soon as mama or daddy lays you on your back, your little toes make their way to your sweet little mouth.  Even when sitting in my lap, you try to bend down and chomp down on your little piggies. It's too cute.
You've been rolling for the past two months and are a roly-poly man.  It's not uncommon for me to find you yards from where I layed you down only seconds before.
You have the cutest little voice and baby expressions.  We all love it when you talk to us.  
You also enjoy sticking your tongue out at us on occasion.
You are a pretty easy going guy. Mama can take you in and out of your routine and you seem to adapt well and go with the flow, which is so helpful!
You still aren't quite sleeping through the night...I don't know if it's hunger or just wanting mama snuggles.  But either way, I'm willing to oblige.  I love my Asher snuggles. 
You are SO close to sitting up.  I can get you to balance yourself for a few seconds at a time, but you always get overly excited and try to throw yourself forward towards a toy or something and end up on your face.  I have a feeling once you do get to really moving, you're going to be all over the place!

If you haven't already gathered, you are a well loved little man.  One of your biggest fans is your big brother! And if these pictures are proof of anything, I think it's that you two are already on your way to becoming best buds.